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Growing like a family

Respect and results, two elements that are never separated

Since its launch in 1992, Pentaflex Packaging Limited has proven to be an innovative, industry-leading force in the fast-paced, ever-evolving flexible packaging business. A spin-off of the Polypack Group, which boasts nearly 50 years of experience, Pentaflex Packaging continuously delivers top of the line products, backed by exceptional and responsive customer service.

A Montreal-based company with a focus on being proactive, Pentaflex prides itself on having been first in the province of Quebec to produce the resealable pouch back in 1993, and more recently in 2009, being the first eastern Canadian manufacturer to produce the advanced Inno-Lok pre-zippered rollstock. This state-of-the-art production is not only a testament to Pentaflex Packaging's forward-minded thinking, but also evidence of its highly developed customer awareness.

Pentaflex Packaging is proud to service the food, pet food, lawn care, and pharmaceutical industries with its wide array of presses, laminators, slitters, and pouch machines, and is always mindful of the environment, as it uses a solventless laminator.

With its skilled and experienced production, sales, and research staff, Pentaflex is confident in its ability to meet all your packaging needs.

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